Relaxing & Calming Massage Oil


This oil is perfect for un-kinking those stubborn knots. It focuses on reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and calming the nerves. To achieve the ultimate effectiveness, we mixing the essential oils not only does it smell great but also makes a powerful Muscle Relaxing & Calming Massage Oil.

Benefit of this oil:

  • Relax & release physical and emotional tension
  • Unknot tight and taut muscle
  • Restoring & balance emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety and anger
  • Relaxes hyperactive person

This oil:  silky and moisturising, absorbs well into the skin after massage and has a wonderful fresh & minty natural fragrance.

Ingredient: E.V coconut oil, E.V olive oil, organic grape seed oil, essential oil of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, orange, frankincense


  • Bring it to massage centre to enjoy your aromatherapy body massage
  • Massage onto hyperactive children’s feet every night to calm their body & mind
  • Apply anytime needed, let the refreshing aroma wraps you all day long
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