For Him Detox Soap

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  • This bar is upto 65% of conditioning level
  • high level of antioxidants, protect the skin from environmental damage
  • rich in vitamins B and E
  • antibacterial, help fight free radicals and preventing aging process
  • helps heal wounds, extract toxins from beneath the skin
  • refreshing, fight acne, fights fungal infections, removes dryness
  • fight odor & boots immune system

Ingredients: neem seed oil, castor oil, rice barn oil, canola oil ,coconut oil, palm oil,  activated bamboo charcoal powder, deep sea mud, titanium deoxide, peppermint, others essential oil blends, H2o, lye.

How it smell: A fresh, relax and minty aroma

Soap bar quality: middle hard bar, conditioning, excellent cleansing, cooling, slippery feel, stable lather, kind to skin

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