Anti-Acne Organic Clay Purifying Mask


Banefit of the clay mask:

  • deep cleanse & control face oil production
  • help to deep cleanse and minimize pore
  • help to emilate white heads & black head
  • suitable for large pore, combination, oily skin & acne pron skin use

Ingredient: Organic olive green clay, Bentonite (Volcanic Clay), peppermint powder, pure essential oil blended.

How to use:

  1. add a table spoon into a small bow (about 10g-12g )
  2. add in distilled water / mineral water / fruit juice or milkas you like ( we recommended to add in pure chamomile hydrosol for the best result.)
  3. stir and mix the clay turn in to paste form, apply evenly on whole face.
  4. leave the clay mask on your face for 10-20 minutes wait till fully dry (do not more than 20 minutes), after that rinse with luke warm water.
  5. Wash your face as usual (you may wash twice if needed)
  6. apply hydrating mask sheet after this to maximize the effects and complete your skin beauty treatment.
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