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Jasmine Beauty Water – Moisturising brightening


100% pure lavender hydrosol

Benefits of this beauty water:

  1. brightening & whitening
  2. deep hydrating
  3. smaller & tighten pore
  4. lighten pigment , acne sacr & dark spot
  5. soothing irritated skin & calm nerve systems
  6. for all skin type, best for dull skin
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Chamomile Beauty Water -Sensitive Acne Care


100% pure lavender hydrosol

Benifits of this beauty water:

  1. anti-acne & anti-inflammatory
  2. balance skin oil production
  3. rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids
  4. soothing & helps to heal sunburn
  5. helps to renew dead skin cells
  6. for all skin type, perfect to sensitive & delicate problem skin
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Rose Makeup Removal (whole face)


Ingredients: virgin Hezelnut oil, rose bulgerian hydrosol, rose extract, aloevera extract, vitamin E, 0.1% rose essential oil.

Method of Application:

  • use as daily face cleanser maintainane.
  • pour on facial cotton to wipe off the makeup, dust and baterial on your skin.
  • wash with our beauty face soap & rinse with luke warm water to final cleanse.
  • suitable for all skin type

Due to all the ingredients use in naturaFun are premium grade, all our products mostly use a little bit goes a long way! We guarantee your are not only using the finest product and you can use in longer period in the same time save alot from buying chemical artificial skin care.

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Smoothy Body Scrub

RM49.90 RM38.00

Benefits of this scrub:

  1. brightening
  2. softening
  3. remove dead skin cell
  4. improve skin texture to silky smooth
  5. in the same time calm and relax your muscle during shower

Main Ingredients: extra soft sugar, extra virgin olive oil, vitamins, shea butter, skin softening & smooth essential oils blended

Note: Due to the handmade nature of this scrub, your scrub colour will differ slightly from the pictures above.
Our items made with natural ingredient and colours, colours might fade or change after use.
Store in dry, room temperatures places. avoid direct sunlight.

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Lavender Beauty Water (Hydrating & Healing)


100% pure lavender hydrosol

Benifits of this beauty water:

  1. deep hydrating & moisturising
  2. healing & skin cell repairing
  3. reduce acne and control face oil
  4. minimize pore
  5. soothes irritating
  6. natural scent light perfume
  7. Use for all skin type
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Aroma Candle Workshop

RM380.00 RM169.00

Produce 3-4 candles


1 x natural soy wax (150g)

1 x beeswax (50g)

1 x big frosted glass candle jar

1 x medium glass candle jar (random round/square shape)

5 x candle wicks

1 x fragrance (10ml bottle – random fragrance)

1 x set of wooden sticks & paper cups

FREE Gifts:

1 x sticker set & gift bag

1 x small glass candle jar

1 x box of mixed dry flowers

1 x colour dye for candle wax (random colour)

2 x wooden clips

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Natural Handmade Soap Workshop

RM380.00 RM169.00

Produce 8-10 bars of soap


2 x vegan melt & pour soap base (250g white, 250g transparent)

2 x 4-hole soap mould (random design)

1 x sweet almond base oil (10ml)

2 x soap colours (5ml per bottle – random colours)

2 x fragrance (5ml per bottle – random flavours)

1 x pearl powder

1 x set of wooden sticks & paper cups

FREE Gifts:

1 x 500ml measuring cup

1 x spatula

1 x soap tray

1 x soap net

1 x sticker & gift bag

1 x single hole soap mould

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Jasmine Essential Oil (Jasmine Sambac)


BOTANICAL NAME: Jasmine Sambac


AROMA: Warm, rich, sweet deeply floral

  • Uplifting & Improves mood
  • Reduces redness & Relaxes cramping
  • Diminishes swelling
  • Neutralizes microbes
  • Helps heal burns and wounds
  • Encourages cell regeneration
  • Stimulates the bronchi
  • Increases sexual desire
  • Strengthens the uterus
  • Eases menstrual discomfort
  • Aids in the expulsion of mucous
  • Assists the body’s natural eliminatory response
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